By Terraldinho

Day 6: Bus tour and arrests

Today we took bus tours of Miami beach and downtown sans water or sufficient factor 30. Needless to say that by the time we had finished, we were dehydrated to fuck and had strips of lobster skin. We decided to go to a nacho bar we spotted this morning but ended up tramping for ages down the wrong road and became increasingly hot and bothered. But, after a pit stop back at the hotel, we tried again and it was worth the wait. Free tequila shot and enough burrito and fajita to feed the five thousand. Superb.

We also witnessed two arrests. The second was whilst we were eating; the tattoo shop over the road was busted by the cops and they put two people into handcuffs and then made them sit on the pavement while everyone walked past taking photos. How bizarre! The chef at the restaurant was disappointed that we didn't get to see a gun battle. We were not!

The evening's events weren't quite as exciting. We wanted to have a drink in a bar with a good view of the city and took a recommendation from the valet (yes, we're that posh you know), who send us on a wild goose chase across town to a bar that we couldn't find, and when we finally made it, it was a) shit b) had a shit view and c) was closing as we arrived. My feet were killing at this point so we got a taxi back to the hotel with a guy who spoke on his phone the whole trip back, which seems to be legal here, and decided to have a drink in our room with ice requested at reception that never arrived. Miami does not like us. We also left our souvenirs on the tour bus.

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