By SugarSheds1

Mark-making with a Makar

The Absent Voices artists took part in a Doors Open Day weekend at Greenock's B-listed Tobacco Warehouse on Clarence Street, near Ocean Terminal.
This picture shows (l-r) Yvonne Lyon, Scotland's national poet/Makar, Liz Lochhead and Annie Mckay, in the midst of a messy drawing session in the warehouse.
Local architect, Dominic Quiqley, organised this free event in the three upper unoccupied floors of this magnificent Victorian bonded warehouse, one of the few remaining examples in Greenock.
Like the sugar sheds, it's just oozing with atmosphere.
Absent Voices are delighted to have the support of Liz Lochhead, who is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, as is Annie.
We are delighted that Liz is collaborating with AV's own Alastair Cook on various strands for this on-going bid to shed light on Greenock's once dominant sugar industry.
Alastair Blips as AbsentVoices so you can keep up to date with all his activities on Blipfoto too as they happen.
Alastair has an exhibition opening in the Beacon Arts Centre on Thursday 25th September called Every Memory. On show will be new photographic work from Alastair’s residency in the Dutch Gable House as part of Absent Voices.

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