Another day of loft emptying. J is staying at his granny and grampa's along with his cousins N and A, so we've been clearing the loft. A few days ago we discovered mould and panicked. We've calmed down now after talking to a few people and checking it online. We think it's condensation and nothing too drastic but the place needs cleared, cleaned up and we need to check out the ventilation.....then figure out what to do next.

Whilst sorting through the piles of stuff, I unearthed a pile of 'things' I've made over the years. So I've photographed these wee boxes I made from the index pages of old atlases. I had a serious atlas obsession for a while and I bought quite a few old atlases from charity shops. I would cut them up and just make stuff out of the pages. I still have a thing for maps.

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