The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

BTC - Trades Tower

I went to Bellingham Technical College today to buy a stethoscope at their bookstore. They had them in many colors. I chose a purple one. Should go nicely with Duma's yellow-orange coat. But seriously... it works just great. I was able to take his heartbeat and was delighted to find that it was 168, normal for a cat. Sure beats the 248 it was when he had his ultrasound. Looks like the beta blockers are working.

BTC has a great welding program. I didn't take the time to read the plaque on this sculpture so I'm not sure who made it but I like it very much. I'll be posting more photos I took with my regular camera on my Flickr site.

I found Ries Niemi's Resume on his website on the Internet.

I think this is the piece I photographed.
Trades Tower- Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham Wa. 32 foot stainless sculpture with benches.

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