By chrisugden

Subliminal Slugs, trying to influence the vote?

BIG day tomorrow.
And still lots of questions?
Is it where you were born? The nationality of your parents? Where you grew up? Most would probably consider me English but I don’t really feel it. Not Scottish. Probably British. A Yorkshire man, with a kilt. I live and work here and have for 20 years. My children were born and brought up here and consider themselves Scottish.
Would anyone begrudge me a vote?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much our kids have engaged with the whole referendum process. Great fun counting who will win based on the number of Yes or No posters they see. I’m not a big fan of nationalistic flag waving, wherever it comes from, but the kids have really enjoyed their free flags. They both left their saltires out in the garden. The next day the slugs had nibbled just one of the them. Were the slugs trying to tell us which way to vote? Was the nibbled one a Yes or a No?
Which ever way, I guess it’s going to be close.

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