Lyn's Things

By Abzquine


I went to bed last night physically and emotionally exhausted, you might think this would lead to a good nights sleep but unfortuately that wasn't meant to be. My plan of heading to work early to get some things done and then taking my day off once I had done a handover went out the window.

Hubby is still not feeling well so he was off work again today, but I decided to make the most of the nice crisp day to get out there and take some pictures. It's been a wee while since I took myself out on my day off to stretch my legs and open my eyes. Today was good, I have that contented tired feeling that comes from being outdoors.

I wasn't sure where to go today so I asked my friends on twitter to provide some suggestions (I would have done them all if I was fitter and had got out of bed earlier). I started by heading out to Old Aberdeen but it was too full of people for my liking although I have some ideas about some night-time photography down there. From there I headed to Seaton Park where I spotted these amazing icy puddles. I took a load of pics (and got a muddy bum from sitting on my haunches! Todays blip was taken as the sun came over the trees and started melting the ice so there was a layer of water on top. While I was at the puddles I got a text which managed to burst my happy bubble and I was tempted to head straight back home, but I forced myself to take at least a few more pictures.

I headed (the long route) back up to St Machar's Cathederal and had a long wander round the tombstones. I have a bit of an obsession with graveyards and felt instantly calm, grounded and a little sad.

Feeling refreshed I headed to the beach and then back towards town and home. Today was indeed a better day than yesterday.

I thought I would tell you a little bit about me :-)

1. I never litter
2. I like to listen to albums in full, in the order intended by the artist
3. I am terrified to go into new places on my own
4. I don't mind wearing odd socks
5. I like to walk on the pavement even if the road is pedestrianised
6. I like to watch boats and ships but I don't like being on them
7. I am not supersticious
8. My cats are called Sam 'n' Ella (it started out as a joke as we already had Sam and the name that stuck was Ella)
9. I love my iPhone
10. I don't feel the need to know the names of stars, I am happy to watch them twinkle and just feel small. Knowing too much isn't always a good thing.

There you go, just a little information about little ol' me

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