Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Scotland Decided : No Thanks

84.59% turnout of a registered electorate of 4,283,392.
Yes : 1,617,989. 44.70%
No : 2,001,926. 55.30%

Glasgow voted Yes, 53.49%. Dundee, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire also had Yes majorities.

The result became clear just after 6 am, when the votes for Fife were declared. It took the "No" count into the lead. I woke at 5.45 am, so caught the news as it happened. It was closer than I was expecting.

Another look at the Front Pages, and from a photographic point of view, I think a single image with impact draws the reader more than a mix of shots. Less is more as they say.

Alex Salmond decided ... to resign as First Minister and Leader of the SNP, and will stand down at their party conference in November. Unexpected. He must be worn done after leading a campaign that energized the whole nation.

Sadly a small number decided to misbehave in George Square this evening. Police are involved, flares thrown, roads closed.

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