Journey Through Time

By Sue


Today there were a few sprinkles, but it was rather balmy and warm. We went off to Lincoln City, 20 miles south, and saw some things, looked in a few shops, ate lunch, and silly me left my camera battery in the charger back at the no photos of our travels there. Back home, as auntie and Bill napped, I was on the deck watching seagulls. There is a small piece of wood that sticks out of the water and at low tide it is quite a ways out of the water and then it sinks lower and lower as the tide rises. The seagulls like this stick and we nearly always saw one of them resting or sunning themselves on that little piece of wood. Then, eventually, their feet would be in the water and they would reluctantly fly away or just decide to swim away until the stick appeared again. I had a heck of a time with the whiteness of his body and the surrounding darker water. I fiddled with settings and got this. Of course, it wasn't this dark, but that's how this ended up.

Lots of fun photos can be seen here.

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