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By cardbird

The Photo Album

I was given this old photo Album as a gift - about 20 years ag0. It was found in an antique shop on Leeson Street, Dublin.

The previous owners photos were included. They are beautiful black and white images of Port Said, Jerusalem and Marseilles. From what I can gather the person who took the photos was an engineer. The date on the back of one of the images is 1934. I often wondered about the history of this Album. Who owned it? What happened to him? Why was it given away?

I could never bring myself to use the album for my own photos. I left it as is. Every few years I would find it and look at the photos.

The owners business card is on the inside front cover, but any internet searches brought up little information.

Until recently...

I searched again and this time I found 2 pieces of crucial information.

One was a memorial notice for the same name on the Album. He was 50 years dead in 2009. The other was a death notice for his wife who passed away in 2009, in her 90s. She had remarried but there was a mention of her first deceased husband who was the man who owned the Album.

There was also a mention of 3 children.

I set about finding them. I want them to have their fathers album back with them.

I showed the Album to my housemate. She looked at the name and said 'I think my brother knows that man's son'...

She rang her brother and he does indeed know the son. It's unbelievable how small the world is.

I spoke to the son (named after his dad, he was 8 years old when his father died). So now I am very happy that the Album is going to where it rightfully belongs.

More images here

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