The Robot is very angry tonight

Busy days are good, I like them.

Had some of my most favorite people for lunch today, two of them are just little peanuts. Observing a toddler shoveling it down the hatch as fast as possible was a solid confirmation of my home-made-spaghetti-and-sauce making skills. The no-flour peanut butter cookies that were brought had no trouble going down the hatches either.

Knocked off a pretty big, scary dental job right after lunch. I now have beautiful tooth-color-matching porcelain fillings in my lower mandible to replace the nasty, ageing metal ones that were quite possibly not healthy for me. I can throw my head back and laugh heartily AND look fabulous. Well, I threw my head back and laughed heartily before but now it doesn't look like Jaws from that James Bond movie.

Tonight I dropped some things off at BB's (best bud) and on the way back what did I see? Our own Walker Art Center's fancy top floor all lit up red, flashes from a camera going off...some artsy thing going on up there with people that undoubtedly looked weird with ghoulish black eyes in that strange light.

It houses and hosts some marvelous exhibits, programs and events. Some people still hate the new building with its silvery, crumpled metal mesh cladding and window placement that has earned it the nickname of "The Angry Robot". I like it, it's interesting, but it plain freaks out the poor church across the street.

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