Where Now ?

This is the window of "Bookpoint" in Argyll Street, Dunoon, next to my Constituency office.

For some time the green YESes have been there but today there is a question as well. It is one that lots of people have been asking me and for some it means joining a political party to continue to campaign for independence . Membership of the SNP, the Greens and the SSP is up an incredible 20,000 since Friday morning.

For those , and for others, it also means continuing to work together so we have arranged a big meeting in Argyll next week to bring all those who are interested into one place to discuss just this ; where now ?

Many in Scotland seem more and more determined to hold the "Vow" parties to account and to demand they deliver what they promised only last week. But alongside that there is also a determination to do politics a different way. To decide rather than be decided for and to unite all those who want a fairer, more just society and who last week may have, for a variety of reasons, disagreed on means but not on ends.

What an astonishing time we are living through.

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