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The Abbess

I called in at Lacock NT because the recently opened NT Beer Club had come down from Whitley Bay to promote their wares. They had a variety of different ales and stouts, all brewed at NT micro-breweries and otherwise only available at NT properties local to their creation. I enjoyed all the samples and subsequently joined the club, which qualified me for a crate of 12 of their home-produced brews.

A camera tour of the grounds followed, and as always I kept my eye out for the resident Smokey-alike cat, The Abbess. She was surrounded by admirers and so I had to wait my turn. She followed one couple until satisfied that they didn't need her any more and then came bounding back to me. Like a certain Wadworth shire horse, she had a fascination for my camera bag. She is quite tricky to photograph, especially when she comes too close to photograph, and has a tendency to turn away from the lens, but this is my favourite of the day.

22.9.2014 (1951 hr)

Blip #1376
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Day #1618

Lens: Pentax 17-70 mm

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Jimmy Liggins and his Drops Of Joy - I Ain't Drunk (I'm Just Drinkin') (1954)
Beyond saying that they liked rock & roll, what music Rockers liked doesn't seem to be much documented on the world wide thingy, so I'm not sure if this early example was a favourite, although they were certainly approving of alcohol.

One year ago: Bexhill-on-Sea

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