They are in it together

and it is very interesting and cute to watch developments. If you want to flick through one or two photos of todays babysitting events, look here

Esme idolises her brother and copies nearly everything he does. He didn't care for her being there at first but now they are firm friends. He want to do things together with her and he is teaching her various things like words.....Say his Esme, she says it. Say that Esme, she says it and they laugh. She is coming on great guns at talking. He even gives her certain of his precious buses and cars and she carries them around. However she asked him for another car and he didn't want to give it to her. A fight ensued with subsequent plasters having to be administered and Gwanny " she didn't even say sorry" Anyway I asked Esme why Cian had a plaster on his arm.....She said "bitim" or as my mum would say "she took the craze" The little madam is laying down her laws and he is becoming a perfect gentleman thanking Esme for the toilet roll he gave her but said he didn't need it right now and etc. She is another determined one and has to show her annoyance when he deliberately winds her up. Its really funny to observe how he has learned some manners by the rules of his parents and hopefully us although he can on occasion be cheeky but is told so in no uncertain manner.

Funny little lot. But so pleased to see Cian being so good. He even tidied the garden toys away in to the shed and he wasn't even asked to do it.

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