The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


Richard is going to paint our house. He is starting the prep work today. He is a very cool guy who listens to books on tape while he works. Today he was listening to a book about the general theory of relativity. Seriously.

There is an interesting story about how Richard came to be painting our house. My friend Eve recommended him. When he came over he said he didn't do houses as large as ours anymore. Then as he continued to look around he said, "I've painted this house before." And he had. Because of that he was willing to paint it again.

Seventeen years ago, a couple of years after we bought our house new, the paint began to peal. We contacted the builder and he hired Richard to repaint the house. We remembered what a great job he did and how much we liked him. We would have loved to have him paint our house again but could not remember his name. Lucky for us fate stepped in and here he is, painting our house again. We are delighted.

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