The Red Ipad

...............................................................We hadn't looked after Jody for a good while so I was a bit concerned as to how he might react as the last time I saw him he was very much a Mummy or Daddy's boy. However in he marches and declares that he would like to spend some time with Granny and Grandad and he knew that Mummy and Daddy were going away for a few days with out him. Not a problem. Also I noticed right away that his language was really excellent so he was perfectly equipped to tell you what he wanted etc. A lot of yes's came up in conversation and no no's which might not have been the case previously. Had he been bribed I wondered :-)))

I had to rush off to get my hair done but again not a problem he would be fine with Grandad. Could Grandad change a Nappy.....Oh yes says Grandad.....All rightly I'm off...................................straight in to the arms (not literally) of the police for a speeding ticket and 3 points on my licence. The speed limit of a road I normally travel down near to where the new bus routes and car park for the Ryder Cup had just been changed from 40 miles and hour to 20 miles an hour. I wondered why the two police gentlemen were stopping me and presumed there was a diversion......Mmmm no. Although they were, as policemen are very professional they had a look of glee on their faces and anything I said was probably taken down and used as an even bigger fine if I didn't agree to exactly what was said. I had the temerity to ask them if they were catching a lot of people to which Mr Plot replied with a wisp of a smile, "yes lots". After I had been booked they caught someone right behind me. My hair dressing appointment had just doubled in price and I was late in to the bargain......:-(((

After hair I came home to check on things with Jody and Alan. Sarah had done some experimental pink streaks in my hair to which I agreed. Don't worry, they are very subtle. It was reported that Jody had been a right little pet and no trouble at all. He woke up from his nap soon after I got back. His parents phoned but he wasn't bothered to speak to them. I dont think its an insult to them its just that speaking over the phone might not really be his thing.

Later I made up a bunch of flowers with Holly to take to Lys in the hospital and Alan is left again to look after Jody. He had 2 helpings of Grandad's prawn omelette but no bread. He has quite sophisticated tastes for a 2 and a half year old.
This is the way I left them before going to the hospital.

Lys was looking good considering her small bleeding stroke but would be in hospital for a wee while. Her son was there and we all had a good chat. When I came back home Alan had got Jody in bed, read him stories and made his tea. Well now we know he can do it but Jody was such and exemplary boy. It'll be my turn tomorrow so I hope everything doesn't go topsy

Night night.........He gets up really early

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