The new Help

...................................Was expecting an early rise as J usually gets up at 7 but today he slept till 10am. What a break for the Grandparents. We didn't put him back down for another sleep in the day as we thought that would be enough.

He was a good little chap today again with lots of activities lined up for him. Grandad was chief chef and Granny was bottlewasher.

Today Jody helped Granny to water the tomatoes. Actually he was quite stunned by the tomatoes unlike his cousins who took it all as part of what might happen around here. We made rainbows, looked at spiders webs and how long you can make your shadow and played Horsey horsey with a very long stick. The horse even ate some grass. Here for a look. Grandad made up some funny Elvis sayings about muscarpone which J found very amusing. Grandad took him for a walk and granny took him in to the garden. He got a tiny bit grumpy near bedtime but he got over it when we said we would put ice in his water and he could watch Peppa Pig.

It was a relaxing day but Granny conked out on the sofa and is only blipping blipping now

Night night all

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