Jody in the Garden

J just loves going into the garden and finding out its odd little secrets. He has plenty of questions about things too. His favourite thing is a pyramid shaped triangle in the front garden. He spotted it as a triangle from his knowledge of shapes a long time ago.

There were a few possibilities for photos today of him here but this is the one I went for in the end. I'm always looking for an opportunity to show the kids with their"gold forks" but none have made it into the final choice for blip picture of the day. I foolishly (what me!) gave Cian the gold fork to begin with. It is very impractical but because its solid gold (not) the kids are mad to use them. I have no idea where I got them but I only hope I have another 2....which will make 4...........Has anyone thought why that would be...those of you who read the drivel I write ??

So after breakfast in bed with Granny and some stories J got up to play trains with Grandad. I was impressed with the fancy tracks they laid and how much Grandad knew about the various names of the trains. He is learning fast. We took J for a walk and then it was time for Mummy and Daddy to come back from their wee holiday to celebrate their 4th Anniversary and although Jody hadn't much mentioned them while they were away he was delighted to see them and kept checking where they were even although they were standing right beside him........he is a funny fellow. Granny did a bit of sewing for Mummy and then they were all off.

Granny had her last solid food until the next Endoscopy on Monday afternoon and guess what......conked out on the settee again. It is unnatural how much sleep I need.....always have done.

Mr AC is watching the golf at the minute. He will be watching it with his son tomorrow which will be nice. I'm sure a lot of our golfing friends will be doing so with their sons too. I have no idea whats going on but might get involved tomorrow. I'm sure Harry will be up again another night watching it in a different time zone so I hope he catches up on his sleep soon.

Night night all

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