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By nzredhead

By the sea

A rather long day today, and I am definitely feeling it tonight. I am absolutely exhausted!

I attended my first Blip meet and greet today, which was lovely. Everyone was so lovely ^.^ Having Mash with us, I needed to keep him entertained, so we went for a bit of a walk and play outside. We went hunting for starfish, and found anemones. We climbed over rocks, walked around boulders, and built castles out of sticks. It was really fun, but I was really very tired after about an hour. I have absolutely no idea where my child gets his energy from, but I suspect he is draining mine and using it for his own needs.

I had a few photos to choose from today, most of Mash, but I decided on this. It was easier.

Off to work tomorrow and thankfully Teejay is taking Mash to preschool so that I can go to work on time :D thanks Teejay <3

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