Having been too busy carefully shaving millimetres of wood-dust of the ends of bits of skirting-boards in order to get them to fit around the delicate radiator-feeding pipes to have made any proper food, and feeling that a bowl of meatballs on their own would have been a little bit too vegetable-free, I settled for a combination of beans and meatballs, though the addition of the beans unfortunately means that one component of the picture was not sourced from Ikea. I haven't had meatballs for ages (and haven't been to Ikea for some time as Nicky tends to just go straight from her work without checking first to see if I want to go) but got Nicky to pick up a packet when she popped Loanheadwards after work on Thursday. They seem to have shot up in price markedly in the years since we last had a packet in the freezer so they probably won't be bought again, though they do combine quite well with beans though would have combined better if I'd been in the mood to chop some peppers or onions to add. Proper eating will resume tomorrow; I certainly won't be spending most of the evening trimming bits of skirting-board as we've run out of it for the time being. I would have preferred to have spent the morning trimming the bits of skirting-board but the morning had to be spent catching up on sleep after our twattish underneighbour's thumpymusic necessitated the calling-out of the council noise team (who arrived just as he temporarily shut up) and the police, who somehow managed to bang hard enough on his door to attract his attention and tell him to shut up.

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