The Yucky Snail

..................................................When I was chopping down the Hostas with many holes in our son's garden I soon found the culprits sleeping among the leaves. I counted 7 or 8 of them and took them out to show Cian (Esme was in bed) He thought they were yucky which they are but quite fascinating to watch them moving about. I encouraged him to pick them up. I dont want him to be a woose about these things. He did it cautiously as they were clinging on to the plastic for dear life. Soon he was looking for his own collection and any beast that moved while I was digging. I thought he was quite brave to handle them. he did wash his hands afterwards as he is beginning to get the hang of possible bad germs, although we mustn't get too hung up about germs as apparently, the lack of variety of microbugs on and in our bodies is the cause of the increase in allergies.

Cian was a grump today and didn't want Esme to play with him. I wasn't too pleased at his antics but actually he just wanted a bit of peace as he wasn't well. She was desperate to play with him and sad that she kept getting a knock back. She was also very sad when Granny went to the hospital and didn't take her with me. She was sure that we were going out together. She even had her handbag ready. Wish I had a picture of that but I'll get one sometime.

I managed to survive the 48 hours on liquids before the endoscopy. Wasn't even hungry but I was very thirsty just before I got it. I had the gastroenterologist do it this time and this time my stomach was empty, thank goodness so he could see everything very well and took several oesophageal biopsies incase I had another infection or something lurking there. Last test 2 weeks ago confirmed that I did have Helicobacter which had been eradicated a good 10 years ago. The endoscopy wasn't too bad at all and now I wonder why I thought it was so horrible. I think it was because they used to put the tube down your nose instead of into your mouth.

I popped up to see if Lys was still in her ward and she was but looking so much perkier and we had a good laugh, which was more like her and she will get home on Wed so that will be great for her.

We had a couple of glasses of wine and a roast chicken dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Really tired all day today
So good night to all

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