horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Ah, got to love the DOF you can get from f1.8...

Busy/tiring old day. Spent most of the day out in the garden (and caught the sun a bit...) firstly cleaning the fixed wheel to within an inch of its life. This involved a mountain of degreaser and T-Cut in the main. As well as a new chain. It gets this strip-down service about twice a year, and being the main commuter it really needs it. The Kaff (geared) has deputised the last week, partly because the fixed needed this work donw, and partly because my knee appreciated the lower gears available after my off.

But if it's dry tomorrow I think I'll be back on the newly bright Peacemaker.

Anyway, then the garage was cleaned out, and another bike fetched out for some pics in order to sell it on ebay; before cleaning out the chicken house. A wee bite to eat and then back to it, deleting my website from the host after yet another hack into it, sorting out the permissions on the files, and starting the re-upload (which takes about three hours), leaving that running to go off and do the shopping.

And with that now done there's just enough time to get this on before starting to clear out the bedroom ready for the new flooring going down tomorrow. If I've got tome after all of that I might make some brownies to take into work - it helps soften the blow of Monday morning...

Rejected blip: Chainring.

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