this luminous life.

By Laura

Baby's Home.

The Lemonheads.

To me, home is where the heart and mind are. This could be where one's family is, where one's passion is, where one's memories are. For the past several months of my life, my heart and my passion has been devoted to him. I am home when I'm in his arms. I am home when I'm laying around in his bed and he's making breakfast (usually eggs, pancakes, bacon). I am home when he's in the shower and I can smell his body wash in the air, causing anticipation for when he gets put of the shower so I can wrap my arms around him as his wet hair drips onto my clothes. I am home when he turns the lights off and plugs in his rope lights. I am home when I wake up and he is sleeping besides me; then he wakes up and pulls me in closer with a sleepy smile. I am home when he puts on his crazy music on a long drive. I am home when I am able to watch movies on the couch with him all night after a long day of classes or walks to parks. I am home when I look in his eyes. When he smiles. Especially when he smiles at me. He is my home. I feel safe, content, happy. The past couple months of this summer have been extremely difficult. I have not been able to seem him; haven't been able to feel at home. I'm not comfortable. I keep missing what I love.

For this assignment, I would have photographed a photograph of us, or items I have that remind me of him, or his sweater, or even the airport if I had visited him this week. I would have wanted to photograph myself in his arms. But it's not possible at this moment. And there is no one photo that could capture "home" for me.

I cannot wait to go home again....

And the photo I used? I know it has absolutely nothing to do with what I consider home. I've wanted to photograph the teepee(s) (there used to be more) in a nature center near my house for quite awhile and I figured it might be appropiate for this assignment. It can be a home. It's just not mine.

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