The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Looe Harbour ......

We were on East Looe and looking up the river to the bridge that spans to West Looe, the water was a glorious blue green and really clear.
I saw Thousands of Elvers swimming up river, I must have been the only one to spot them too, as when I pointed them out to somesome passing a group of on lookers quickly garthered around, within a few minutes they were gone.
I parked on a carpark by the bridge and when I was pulling in another driver was trying to nudge his way in to the space I had picked out' he cut in front of me and tried to shove me back so he could reverse in to the space, but I was having none of it, he then gave up and parked two places up, such a pratt I thought but said nothing (I must be Mellowing).

I pushed Mrs BM around Looe in her wheelchair and we had a lovely rest on the beach front for an hour in the sun, then we were off to Seaton to have a look around there too.
Another two hours on the beach reading then back to Looe, back in the same space we had in the morning, and guess what, that pratt in the Jag had a lovely yellow packing notice on his screen, Poetic Justice I thought, and so did Mrs BM.

So our last full day in Looe was really good, tonight we pack and tomorrow we head off home and pick the caravan up and then we are off to Stourport with some Club members, hard life but someone has to do it.

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