Jim- Happy Again!

By dougiebuster

Team B Go Global !!!!

This must be the earliest posting of a picture I have done!
( 7.18 AM here, 10.18 PM in Alaska! )

Chaos is in Anchorage in Alaska.

There he is, being pointed out by the beautifully manicured Liz!

He was originally across the other side of the street, but was so small, it was difficult to make him out. He had texted me last night and I got that ok. But I could not return the text - the system would not recognise the number.
So, this morning I decided to play about with the dialling codes, and managed to call him up!
It was really strange giving this person directions from thousands of miles away, and watching him move on the screen - Move to your left - Back a bit - One more step left. Stop!.......Gotcha!

Here is the view that Chaos had - View from Chaos - looks like a better day from his side!

I hope the rest of the 80 Blips go well - this was great fun & very exciting!

We are on our way now Northern - Ain't no stopping us now...


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Alaska Webcam Link

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