Jody was thinking

.................................Jody does quite a lot of thinking. He is not impulsive in what he does. He knows what he thinks he wants but you have to leave him to make up his own mind after you talk to him about things.

Jody and Granny talked about penguins and he liked it when there was a Mummy Penguin and a Daddy penguin and a Jody penguin. On one page of his new calendar there was a baby penguin but it was inside an egg. I showed him the baby penguin hatching on the i pad. It was ok he thought but not as good as Peppa Pig.

He didn't want to go to bed but he was tired so that was another thing he had to think about but eventually we lured him upstairs and Grandad read him a story.
When he woke up he said he wasn't grumpy any more but he was for a little bit. This is the little bit in the photo when he had to think about what he could do.

Daddy Penguin made Granny and Mummy and Grandad's dinner when they came home. Mummy penguin put Jody penguin to bed and all the big penguins watched TV and Granny Penguin took Grandad penguin back home.

Good night plipper flipper Penguins

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