Gran's Velvet Lined Box

of hairdressing equipment.
Got my hair cut today. As a treat I to my hairdresser, who is a second generation hairdresser, I brought and showed Gran's equipment tote with old fashioned equipment dating back to around 1947 to 1949; partial list of items:
four manual hair clippers, three straight razors, many barber cutting shears, 1 hair thinning shears, rat-tail combs, barbers combs, styling combs.
As the only grandchild who knew how to cut hair (one trick pony - I was taught how to cut Mr. LovePopcorn's hair) I inherited this box on antique treasures.
All the workers at the Salon were very interested to see (and touch) the contents.

people: Melissa, Charley, Helen, Susan, Dog walker Timothy
places: City Heights, Poway
particulars: cloudy, cool, breezy with sparse sprinkles, sunny sunset

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