Walliweather Collection

By grc

Miserable Working Conditions

It was so gray and rainy out today I decided that instead of getting wet, I would find something to shoot inside.

But I wasn't really feeling inspired and I had resolved not photograph food (at least for a couple of days haha).

So I went out and managed to get this shot without getting wet at all!

The Mini and I could not be better friends. She's always gotten me from A to B in a kind and loving manner (and quickly!) and I've trusted her with some of my deepest secrets. So far she's not told anyone! She also doesn't say anything when I start singing (which is saying a lot), although she's been a bit moody lately..making weird noises when I wake her up in the morning, refusing to shut the windows even when its 10 degrees out...Hopefully she'll get over it!

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