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By Aluap

Recycling More Food items etc.....

Pain patches are quite wonderful @ helping with localised pain. I noticed that the inside of each pack has a metallic finish. Today i finished a packet, cut it up & removed the edges that were not flat or metallic. Next job was to choose the Cuttlebug Folder designs i wanted to use & then run them through the Big Shot die cutting machine which i Bliped on Tues 23/02/2010.

The picture shows the Folders, the metallic packet & the results. The acetate card at the bottom of the screen is a work in progress. To make this i took the very thick acetate covers from the Dies, cut them up into a square card shape & then put this in the swirls folder to get the design.

Found that the tops off plastic milk bottles, the lids off Pot Noodle snacks can also be recycled in this way. I'm sure you can also come up with some great ideas too. Feel free to share :-)

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