By TynvdB

Sunday Morning Light @ Sea

Slowly but clearly a change becomes visible. In the midst of removing and reshuffling our priority affairs, the cloths&dresses, books and papers, that “still” have central meaning are being packed for the coming transport to Carlsheaven. Meanwhile we are rebuilding our living here into a much smaller (part of our) appartment. Things are growing - or better downscaling - in their new shape. That costs a lot of planning and energy. For which Willemien is paying her toll and keeps coughing. I wish her to recover and reload her energies as soon as it becomes clear that we are really ready to go.

Apart from all this managing around with our materials, we both find our free time to go for the daily photo. She choosing for her public gardens, I for my seaside walk and bath, as long as possible. Already today, though a veiled sun gave some warmth, the wet sand is rather cold under your feet. I remember that there comes this mid-October limit where sometimes the water still is not under 15C. But then the chilly wind and the cold sands are drawing the line: boots and pullover on. No more easy crossing of the Laguna, no more salty swim.

And I did swim today. The sea being almost flat as a mirror. A bit cold, but still acceptable. Gulls flying over on a low level, as I was making my short rounds. Almost no wind. A wonderful and refreshing alternation between the sorting out and packing. Making room by remaking our living space. Making possible the impossible, that is our self imposed task. To facilitate such an outside change, you need to deepen your inner room in a spiritual way. And be inspired by the morning light and the changing of the tides and seasons.

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