Our Journey is a process

By journeysprocess

Mom, when are you going to play with me?

It has been an interesting weekend.  

First, my publisher contacted me and stated that the book with the chapter that I and my colleagues wrote was released.  While the sales have been good, the reception has been highly varied.  The ME/CFS patients and family love the chapter since it suggests biological aims and other treatment modalities giving them some hope for treatments and relief downline.  But the bureaucratic researchers (i.e. those who work for governments) hate the paper and are really slinging the insults like they are throwing tomatoes at a stage actor.   I feel like I am watching a circus act.  

We have been working hard to finish everything that we can on the house so that we can "put the sign" out tomorrow.  In the middle of this, today one of the "patches" in the ceiling came loose, probably because of all the humidity in the air.  - Sigh!-  I called our painter who did the repair and left a message.  Luckily, he called me back with an hour and told me that he and his drywall person will be here tomorrow to fix it!  I'm o.k. with that.  Hopefully, the sign will then go out on Tuesday.  

It has been a cold, rainy and dreary day.  The girls have been so patient with our busyness, but it was apparent to me that Wally really wanted a "playtime".  I caught this shot of her just before we had a rousing game of "fetch".  

I certainly hope your weekend has been relaxing!  Have a great week!  

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