Mono Monday emotions - determination

Today is the first day of the October school holiday for children in the west of Scotland (and elsewhere) and it was decided we would take E and J to the National Museum of Flight, Scotland's national aviation museum at East Fortune Airfield, just south of the village of East Fortune, in East Lothian. It is one of the museums within National Museums Scotland and is housed in the original wartime buildings of RAF East Fortune which comprises one of the best preserved wartime airfields in the UK. As a result of this the entire site is a scheduled ancient monument with no permanent structures added by the museum. The hangars, control tower and stores were designated as Category B listed buildings by Historic Scotland, but this designation was removed in 2013 as they were already covered by the stricter scheduling.

There was a bit of a grumble at the mention of "museum", but the wee ones thoroughly enjoyed their day out as they were able to go on board the aircraft, including the Concorde, plus there is a hanger dedicated to interactive activities related to different aspects of flight.

There is also an area which may have been an outdoor fitness centre for personnel where they had a great time attempting different challenges. J enjoyed trying to walk across this chain rope and after three attempts managed to make it to the end.

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