Quality workmanship

It was a bit damp and dull on my work today. As I crossed town today I spotted at the new prison for old peopleretirement home something wrong. I got a little closer and took this picture. As you can see the ceiling has collapsed under the weight of insulation, either the specification was wrong or the build quality was sloppy. I can only hope no one was hurt when it came down.

At work I battled against SAP and managed to make it do something it didn't want to. One of the big problems with SAP is that they make lots of options and there are loads of ways of doing things, but they don't clearly document things. The result is that it's a nightmare to find out how to do something slightly out of the ordinary. The forums are full of mostly clueless people asking for help and giving bad advice, but every now and then there is a gem of truth which can sometimes be enough to inspire a simple and elegant solution. I was very pleased with myself when I got my new binary interface working!

I celebrated with a 1 km swim at the pool on my way home...

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