By raubrey

Running in the name of...

Today is a tribute to Richard Wiles and his dedication and commitment ahead of the inaugural Brighton marathon.

Many of the blippers will know Richard from Twitter (@richardwiles) and he has been keeping us abreast of his training for the forthcoming event both on Twitter and with blips from some of his training routes. It is really inspiring to hear about the levels of dedication you need to prepare yourself for a marathon.

Richard is currently running 5-6 days per week, sometimes twice a day, averaging around 50 miles per week. This comprises of road and hill running, fast runs and 'fartlek' (Swedish word for aerobic training which means 'speed play'.

Richard is raising money for the Sussex Wildlife Trust which is a really worthy charitable cause that is currently trying to buy 8 acres of land to restore it to chalk grassland rich in wildlife.

It is pay day here in the UK, I really do hope that some of you can just give a little bit to this good cause and support Richard. I am almost totally convinced that if Richard raises £1000 then he happily agree to leisurely jog down Lewes high street naked but for a single running sock (size small) for company! ;)

You can read more about Richard, his fundraising and how you can sponsor himhere.

What is the link between ammonites and running for charity? Well, Richard as he has a real love and fascination for them and now when I see an ammonite I mentally associate it with him. They really are things of beauty, I am sure you will agree. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and I never tire of looking at them. I tried to capture their beauty but still do not think I did them justice.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember, just a couple of £'s does really make a difference.

I will now climb down off my little nature soapbox and bid you all a very good evening

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