Defunct cardigan

It takes a lot to make me throw out old clothes, but this lovely cardigan has probably had it. You can see here where I have darned it in the past. I don't think I can do anything with the new holes.

I have therefore retired this garment and put "navy blue cashmere cardigan" onto my Christmas list. Although I am sad to see the end of this one, I am proud that I have kept it going for 15 years: I bought it in a Burberry closing down sale in summer 1999.

As well as sorting our my clothes today, I have spent much of this afternoon updating my journal. If you read the entries through from last Sunday (where I reflect on reaching 1000 blips), you'll see why I have been obliged to delay blipping this week until today. The backblips are:

Sunday 12th October: Autumn beech
Monday 13th October: Leek risotto
Tuesday 14th October: Ada Lovelace Day 2014
Wednesday 15th October: Cat and mouse
Thursday 16th October: Time
Friday 17th October: Bacteria

Exercise today: none

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