Bardolino Wine Festival

Today we took a slow boat from Sirmione over to Bardolino. I had forgotten how wide Lake Garda is, we are not going much further up the lake, more across from west to east. Only one stop on the ferry between us and the destination, but it is still a journey of about one and a half hours. Although Lake Como is long it only takes about 15 minutes on the ferry to cross the lake.

On arrival we set off for the wine festival, we buy a glass each, with carrying pouches, and after that it is only necessary to buy the wine at different stalls. A way of trying many different vineyards, but only having to walk a couple of hundred metres. We also had a light lunch while we were within the confines of the festival.

We took the opportunity to have a walk around the town, and so by the end of the day we had comfortably exceeded our target of 10,000 steps. Our hotel only does breakfast so we had dinner at the same restaurant as yesterday, not so adventurous, we will try somewhere different tomorrow.

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