1500 blips!

I'm afraid with all the moving around I've missed Blip's big day yesterday. I even managed to source a red balloon, but unfortunately I cannot locate it in my luggage. So Happy Blip Day to Blip. And now Happy Blip Day to me! And thanks to all you lovely people who keep stopping by, even thought I'm a bit rubbish at keeping up with commenting myself.

We'd calculated some time ago - as you do - that today was going to be a 'big one', and it was not ideal as it was a travel day. Unfortunately, having had a somewhat disturbed night, the day began badly, as the alarm didn't go off as expected (my fault entirely) and we ended up getting up about 40 minutes later than we intended for our trip to Rijeka. After throwing some things in our small backpacks we headed off to try and find a taxi to take us to the bus station, and were successful in that endeavour. Phew. We could still have made it, but we would have been sweaty, footsore, hungry and thirsty by the time we got there, having had to skip breakfast, and wouldn't have had time for breakfast at the bus station.

The journey was uneventful, and indeed rather beautiful, taking the seaside route along the way from Zadar to Rijeka. It was incredibly bright and clear, and the water was pancake flat, and we drove along with amazing views of the barren looking islands across the sound (Pag and Rab were two of them, I think). When we stopped off along the way (in a town that I think was called Karlobag), I had an opportunity to take some snaps which offered a number of potential blips, of which I chose this one for its quirkiness.

We got to Rijeka around 12.30pm, procured our tickets for the homeward journey on Tuesday without any problem at the bus station, and hopped in a taxi to the hotel which is somewhat out of town. Although out of town, however, it is right by the sea, as Mr A's blip well shows. We've just spent most of the afternoon - after a side trip to a shopping centre to procure some much needed bits and pieces - snoozing and then watching the sunset. The sunset was ok - but not spectacular, and not something to displace my earlier choice.

We're going to have a quick bite to eat this evening in the hotel restaurant. We're both pretty tired from all the travelling, and the disturbed night last night. An early night beckons before work tomorrow for me.

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