Everything is Awesome

Tegan & Sara - Everything is Awesome!!! ft. The Lonely Island

Today was a visit to my Japan family (the King, the Queen and the Prince ;-) ) for a catch-up and some quality time. It's always a pleasure and a valued learning experience with the gang, so it comes as no surprise that I feel all the more worthwhile when I have a benchmark to look up to.

Movies and TV shows were watched, The Worlds End (excellent work), The Lego Movie (ummm..... nothing short of Awesome!) and two episodes of Sherlock season 3 (more awesome).

The little prince always gets cuter and cuter everyday. It's hard not to adore him when he's being naughty, and it's "Awwwww"-inspiring when he shares his food and follows dutifully, the loving commands of his caring parents. I'm a bad god-uncle, and I shower the little mischief with cuddles and kisses, because I know I love him and his awesome family so.

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