By davidc

Mono-Monday - "Symmetry" - Spectacles!

I caught this shot whilst spending an enjoyable morning in Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. It was a great place to take symmetrical shots but in the end I chose this one to blip. It is, of course. very appropriate to my pre-retirement career as an eye surgeon :)

This is actually a sign which hung outside Pringle's optician's shop at 90 Saltmarket, Glasgow, for many years - even after he sold the business in 1923. The sign could be lit up from the inside. Seemingly apart from being an optician who set up his business in about 1896, John Quinton Pringle was also an amazing Glaswegian painter with an "unforgettable" style. He often painted at the shop after working hours. One can find many of his works on Google Images by searching by his name.

View large here.

Many thanks to Skeena for hosting Mono-Monday once again.

PS For more pictures of Kelvingrove Art Gallery (in colour) on Flickr click here.

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