The Travellist's journal

By TheTravellist

Night train to Chiang Mai

I had about 6 hours to kill between getting back to Bangkok and getting the night train to Chiang Mai. I used the time wisely by crossing off 2 of the restaurants on my list. First there was Cabbages & Condoms which was set up to help promote 'family planning'. Second was a posh food court called Eathai where I had been told by a local l to get a crab yellow curry with noodles. It was fantastic.

I was told I should get a motorbike to the train station as the traffic was bad on Monday evenings. I waited for a bike with a 2nd helmet and then after I stopped fearing for my life, I really enjoyed weaving in and out of traffic through the busy nightlife of Bangkok.

The night train left Bangkok at about 19.45 and it was comfy enough to sleep for 10 hours!

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