Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Flying the flag

The Union Jack on Arnside Pier was flying in the tail-end of Hurricane Gonzalo this afternoon. The worst of the winds passed us by in south Cumbria. As I was driving home I could see it was touch and go as to whether we would get home in time before the sun was lost in the cloud. The sun is setting so early now, there is barely time to get home and take Gus out for his final walk before it is dark.

The Old Flyer has been moved to another ward, which is probably a good sign. He has moved from intravenous to oral antibiotics, which is also good. He is being treated for the fluid that was gathering on his lungs, but he is having less oxygen - yet another good sign. So all in all, positive news. My sister is visiting him tomorrow, so I should get a more detailed update.

Thank you to everyone who has left empathetic and supportive messages, they have helped hugely in keeping my spirits up.

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