The Chaos Bros

By vik

Diagon Alley

Auntie S took The Bros (& Violet & I) to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios today.

It was fantastic! So, so much to see & find out about. The Bros had wand lessons, flew on broomsticks, learned about the special effects, art & make up and general wizardry involved in such a fabulous series of films.

Bro4 announced he wasn't scared of the 'baddies' in the film when they watched it later in the evening because he knew how they were 'made out of masks and paints and electricity and batteries so they're not real and can't get me.'

I think we'll let him watch some more of the films now, I had previously only let him see the first couple because they do get darker as the story goes on.

Oh & I drove on the M25 and we all survived, phew!

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