By HerbSusan

The teacher is teachin' the Golden Rule

Surf school – The wind’s dropped quite a lot but there’s still enough surf.

A quick rant to Dog Owners about a new trend I’m noticing – I am THRILLED that so many of you are picking you your dogs poo and taking it away BUT I am REALLY CROSS that an increasing number of you are then leaving these little packages around the place – under benches, in car parks (just behind where you parked your car?) at the side of the costal path. This little bags of dog sh** are just as discussing as if you had left it in the first place and because it is now in a plastic bag it is not biodegradable. PLEASE pick up the poo and PLEASE dispose of it appropriately – don’t just abandon it.
I like dogs – I am increasingly less fond of dog owners.

Chuck Berry, School Days

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