The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

The Boy Is Back In Town

My new back garden friend/ fiend (depending on whether you a prey item) was back today, after I blipped him last Tuesday. In fact, he was back several times! I never saw him catch anything, but I did see him screaming around over the roof tops chasing something small. It was quite a sight. He is getting some gip off the Jackdaws, who are mobbing him at every possibility. He even put on a show for our client who popped in to get his tax return done today. Quite a showman.

A head down arse up kind of day today, was feeling a little beaten up mentally at the end of it .. but .. I did get the problem sorted in the end and hopefully our client can see more sense on his screen than he had before.

Other rejected images of the Sprawk.

Sprawk #1

Sprawk #2

Sprawk #3

Loads more Back Garden Nature stuff in the Flickr album linked.

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