By acronymphomania

Zombies, Police, and #SIAD

Today?s picture was supposed to be related to my main topic,Self Injury Awarenes Day. But then this opportunity appeared and it had to be taken, and it came with an interesting tale. HM Sweet Potato Sky blipped my SIAD Orange Wristband on Friday. This apocalypse thing is in danger of becoming a series

So I got off the train from Glasgow, where i?d been attending an event about sMental Health Indicators. I looked up the ramp at Waverley and saw some wonderful light at the top, with people coming down out of the waning light, with fire behind them. I thought they looked like zombies, which are
first love.

So Gorillapod out, camera going, great shots being captured. Then I hear a Diesel was two police. They wanted to know what I was filming. I told them I was photographing. They asked what of...I said people who look like zombies. They found it hard to keep a straight face, they asked me if it was for a project. I told them it was for a photo-blog. They said I must be used to getting stopped by now...I said it hadn?t happened to me until now, but there was no way a dodgy person would claim to be taking pics of zombies...they agreed and went away. Generally good banter, but they clearly were saying GTFO.

So today is Self Injury Awareness the UK it is run by the excellent FirstSigns, a user led online organisation, the founders of which spoke at the internet conference this week. It is a fantastic organisation, full of truly dedicated volunteers using personal experience and web savvy to really make a difference. This year is about talking about self-harm. I urge you to take a look.

I?ve been sporting their wristband all day and spreading the word.
Later tonight is the BBC Documentary 'Why did you kill my father?' which I mentioned yesterday. It has been going round twitter all day with Mind and Rethink both making statements. Mind CEO Paul Farmer will be on Newsnight later. Here is a factsheet on mental health and public risk which I wrote when I worked for the Scottish Anti Stigma Campaign 'see me'

Night All!

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