New glasses

Do you think I will start a trend!

I picked them up for (ahem) Leo from Paperchase today. I should stay away from that shop as I can never just browse - something always tempts me :)

They have made me smile - which is good as it has been a long and busy week at work. I reckon a few more weeks and things will calm down - well that is what I am telling myself :)

Have retired to bed for an extra early night as I am totally whacked. We are on a road trip tomorrow, Gatwick bound to drop off Nina at Big Bro's ready for her early flight on Sunday. Depending on traffic it could be an 8 hours in the car kind of day - so coffee stops and a nice lunch lunch somewhere will be the order of the day.

Has been great having Nina visit - now to save the pennies so we can do the return trip :)

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