By ggorbeta

Let There Be Light!

I never felt compelled to take a photo of this view until the the last hour of my trip when nature put on a show for free.
One of the things I learned when traveling is never to pack your camera until you're on the plane. My flight was actually at 8:10 AM but for some reason I thought it was at 6:50AM. So here I was at dawn waiting for the driver to pick me up. It had been sunny all week but today it was drizzling as I stared out and said goodbye to this beautiful island of Batan. Like the opening scene of a play, the rising sun slowly lit the stage giving form to clouds previously lurking in the dark. Colors, patterns and even a rainbow entered the stage and despite the soft rain, out came my tripod and camera. This is a time when nature's chorus is fleeting; when things happen so fast and being familiar with your camera pays off. Every second counts and the brain goes into auto pilot to capture this spectacle I know I will probably never witness again. A parting gift from Batan and God.

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