Bad weather

Today my organisation ran a conference about mental health and the internet, very much the brainchild of Acronymphomania and a great success.

The conference was held at the conference centre at Edinburgh University's Pollock Halls of Residence where I spent a very happy year in 1998/9. It was great to be there again, particularly in the bad weather. Somehow it always seemed to rain when I lived there - I recall endlessly traipsing back and forward to lectures in soaking wet jeans and a hoody. Urgh.

I think to appreciate just how bad the weather was today, please look at this photo next to the normal view.

The food for the conference was great - maybe things have changed but back in the day it was pretty basic and I had a jacket potato most days because it was the only thing you could be sure was edible. Tell you what, if you go for a conference these days the food is awesome! I wonder if the students are afforded the same luxury?

It was a great place to live though, other than the food and the weather, so it was lovely to be back for the day.

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