The fool on the hill

By mooncoin

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B bought a little 2CV because she's doing a French project on her placement.
So I thought I'd blip it.
When Citroen made this at their Paris factory there was only one worker who knew how to make the bonnet - it roughly involved something like a special block of wood and a hefty kick. I don't know what they did when he retired.
I had one. It was orange. The engine nearly fell out one day. Another day I crashed it into a ditch and somehow disconnected the drive shafts. My pal and I fixed it at the side of the road by taking the body panels off and heaving everything straight with a tree branch and a big hammer.
My mum had a Diane (faired in headlights for speed freaks). My girlfriend had the Charleston version. My mate had a yellow one and drove four people, a dog plus two hang gliders and camping equipment from Brighton to Wantage when the suspension system on my Equally quirky Citroen GSA fell apart.
Great cars. Bloody French.

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