A well-earned glass of wine

My day:

05:00 at my computer at home to continue work on the report
07:00 shower, breakfast
07:30 to work by bus
08:00 at my computer at work, back to the report
09:00 B joins me to help with the report
12:30 almost done - move onto checking, proof reading etc
13:00 B takes over while I hold a PhD supervision
14:00 another PhD supervision
15:00 more checking and proof reading
16:00 report is ready
16:15 report is submitted
16:20 another short meeting with another PhD student
16:50 pub - with B and three PhD students :-)
18:00 home to prepare for arrival of weekend guests Bella and Lucy
18:45 Bella and Lucy arrive for lovely evening of food, drink and chat

Exercise today: none

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