Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

Hear, hear the pipes are calling

At the end of October 1944, Tilburg was liberated by (amongst others) the 15th Scottish Division. A statue in the centre of town commemorates this.

The 70th anniversary was celebrated today by a 'liberation route' through town by approximately 50 original WWII vehicles.

I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like on that day in 1944, one gets swept along by a re-enactment in peacetime, to experience it after years of occupation the relief must have been tremendous.

I got chatting to one of the original liberators, a softly-spoken Scot called Bill. Now aged 93, he's been back to Tilburg several times since then, finds it rather emotional, but loves the hospitality and the genuine appreciation of the locals.
Thank you, Bill, and your comrades.

The twilight falls like ground.
In Holland walks a hound.
A hound with very long teeth.
He goes through all the lands
a large and very black hound.

We're scattered all around.
No longer with one another.
What bound us together
died between our teeth.

Gerrit Achterberg

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